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About Us

Homeslice Pizza is inspired by Chicago tavern style thin crust pizza.  We are committed to providing authentic tavern style pizza with our own original recipes through locally sourced ingredients.  Sourcing fresh produce from local farmers in Oregon, coupled with Wisconsin’s favorite cheese.


Chef Matt

Growing up just outside Chicago, my mother and father opened a pizzeria in the late 80’s near the Lansing airport.  I can recall spending many evenings after class in the pizza shop.  I loved the undeniable, mouth-watering smell from the kitchen.  Most Chicagoans will tell you that pizza is a steady part of their diet and it was definitely part of mine and my family’s.  After culinary school, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and spent over a decade honing my culinary skills by working for some of the world’s most celebrated chef’s.  As life led me to Central Oregon, I recognized the absence of pizza I grew up enjoying.  With much help from many wonderful friends and family Homeslice was conceived and born in April of 2023 in Redmond, OR.  


After moving to Oregon and experiencing many of the fantastic cuisines central Oregon has to offer, I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing.  It was the taste of an authentic Chicagoan pie. I immediately started the work of carefully curating every ingredient that was needed to create an authentic Chicago Tavern Style Pizza.  I began by crafting an original recipe for our dough as I knew our crispy thin crust would become our staple. 

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